Living free: An Australian woman attracts attention for raising her kids in a forest

03 December,2023 04:20 AM IST |  Japan  |  A Correspondent

An Australian woman attracts attention for raising her kids in a forest

Lucy Aura moved into a tent due to the housing crisis in Australia and is on a mission to reconnect with nature and her body, including drinking her own urine. Pics/Youtube

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An Australian woman has revealed that she much prefers living in a tent with her two children than struggle with rent. Lucy Aura, mum to seven-year-old Alana and five-year-old Asa, loves the freedom of living in a tent in the forest despite people calling her ‘crazy'.

She revealed that her daughter Alana goes to nature school, while Asa is home-schooled, and much preferred their stripped-back lifestyle to living in a tiny apartment. The Australian woman also participates in unconventional therapy which involves drinking her own urine as well as using it topically to treat skin conditions. "There should be no part of us that disgusts us," she added.

"I like drinking my own urine," she says as she reveals it is a ‘self-love' practice. Lucy also revealed she tries to avoid doctors unless there's a serious medical reason, preferring to focus on holistic medicines. The trio also have ditched shoes and now prefer to walk around barefoot, unless it's too muddy to avoid infections.

Lucy revealed they started living in a tent because of the rental crisis taking over Australia, and didn't want to be cramped into a small unit, so decided to save her money and live amongst nature. At the time she was also working as a marine biologist but it wasn't making her happy as she didn't have the time to spend with her children. She admits people have criticised her parenting style calling her ‘crazy' ‘mad' and ‘extreme'.

Sugary sweet

Woman claims to have survived on soft drinks for the past 50 years

A 75-year-old Vietnamese woman claims she has not eaten any solid food in 50 years, instead surviving only on water and sugary soft drinks. Bui Thi Loi, from Loc Ninh commune, in Vietnam's Quang Binh Province, is in great shape for her age, which only makes her diet that much more surprising. The elderly woman insists that she has lived on water and soft drinks for half a century and that she never craves solid foods. It all started in 1963 when she was struck by lightning while she and other women were climbing up a mountain to treat injured soldiers during the war. She was knocked unconscious and says she was never the same after that. In 1970, she shunned solid food for good, claiming that it made her nauseous.


A two-year-old Kentucky girl proved she has intelligence beyond her years by becoming the youngest-ever member of high-IQ society Mensa. Guinness World Records said Isla McNabb of Crestwood was accepted into Mensa after scoring in the 99th percentile of intelligence for her age group on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Mensa is the largest high-IQ society in the world.

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Hammer goes bananas


A Japanese precision part manufacturing factory recently went viral for its bizarre new product - a line of hammers shaped like realistic bananas. Hiroshima-based Iron Factory Ikeda is not your typical precision metal manufacturing plant. They specialise in precision metal processing for creating original products with the potential to go viral online. The steel banana hammer was launched in 2020.

Exposed by the undies

A pair of multicoloured briefs peeking out above a robbery suspect's low-slung trousers helped police in Queen's county in New York arrest him more than a year later. Surveillance videos that were disseminated showed one among the robbers wearing brightly coloured briefs.

Trash for the win


Japan recently held its first garbage collection world championship called the SpoGomi World Cup. The name of the event is a combination of the words "sport" and "gomi," the Japanese word for garbage. Teams of three from 21 countries took to the streets of Tokyo to collect rubbish.

Spill the beans, pay the price


The winner of the second-biggest prize in the history of the US Mega Millions lottery has taken the mother of his daughter to court for telling his parents about the win, despite signing an NDA. The man claimed that his daughter's mother broke the agreement by telling his parents and sister.

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