Mad World: I found a dead Frog in my chips

23 June,2024 06:35 AM IST |  Florida  |  A Correspondent

If you thought finding a finger in ice cream was crazy, here are other crazy things that people have found in their food and packages


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This is non veg!

Jasmit Patel, a resident from Gujarat, found a dead frog, which was supposedly fried along with the chips, in a packet of Balaji Wafers that he had purchased from a local shop in Jamnagar.

Metal blade in flight fare

Mathures Paul, a journalist flying from Bengaluru to San Francisco, found a metal blade in the food he ordered on his Air India flight.

Finger in ice cream

Who could imagine human body parts would also be a part of this fiesta? Well, Dr Brendan Ferrao, a Mumbai-based doctor found a thumb in a Yummo butterscotch ice cream cone that he had ordered online. The doctor stated that he suffered a numbness on the tongue and voiced vehement apprehensions after consuming the ice cream, highlighting the consequences of finding foreign objects in food.

Centipede in ice cream

Deepa Devi, a woman from Noida, found a centipede in an Amul ice cream tub that she ordered from Blinkit, another grocery delivery app.

Rat between bread loaves

On a global front, loaves of bread were recalled from the shelves of a store in Japan in May after finding remnants of a dead rat between them.

Rat drowns in Hersheys

Prami Sridhar, a woman from Kerala, found a dead rat in a Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle that she had ordered on Zepto (a grocery delivery app) for her brownies.

A nutty diet

John, a gastronomer from Florida is making waves with his new TikTok video, by announcing a new culinary challenge of consuming bull testicles for boosting human testosterones. "We are always told that organ meats, especially testicles, will take you [your testosterone] to the next level," John captioned the clip.

In love with the face of you

The dreams of an Ed Sheeran superfan, Amanda Baron, from Greater Manchester came true when she married his look-alike Ty Jones. The couple's wedding was a peculiar affair, flooded with doppelgängers of David Beckham, Prince Harry and others.

A nap, not a coma

The residents of an Indian village called the police over a presumed floating human body in a nearby pond, which later turned out to be a man just napping and cooling off on a hot summer day. Immediately after spotting the body, they tried calling him out for more than five hours but received no response. Worried, they called the police who pulled him out of the pond, after which he woke up. The man admitted to the police that he had overdrank after ten days of hard work in a nearby quarry, so he decided to go for a swim in the pond to cool off, but went into a slumber soon after. This coma-like slumber kept him wary of the sounds around.

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