Here is a curated list of exciting things to do in Mumbai

19 March,2023 07:38 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Nidhi Lodaya

WHERE: Hangry Bird, Santa Cruz; WHEN: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 PM to 4 AM; PRICE: Rs 375 onwards; TO ORDER: Swiggy, Zomato

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All*s fair in love and war

Rytasha Rathod

Revisit a play, which originally written by Odon Von Horváth in 1936 and translated by Christopher Hampton in 1978. Don Juan Comes Back From The War is a story set in 1918 about Don Juan, a notorious seducer, who returns from war and is fixated with finding a girl he had once jilted. The new version, directed by Rehaan Engineer, features a stellar cast comprising contemporary artistes.
WHEN: March 22 to 26, 5 PM, 8 PM
WHERE: G5A Warehouse
PRICE: Rs 499 onwards
TO BOOK: g5afoun

Laugh from the best

Seriously Funny, a comedy masterclass, is all about understanding the presence and role of comedy in a story. It will be led by writer Varun Grover and director Akarsh Khurana.
WHEN: March 24, 6.30 PM onwards
WHERE: Above the Habitat
PRICE: Rs 499 onwards
TO BOOK: BookMyShow

This little guiding light

Dr AP Jayaraman

Students from Class VI-VIII who are curious about how streets were lit up before electricity came to India will have a lot to learn during this online session organised by Dr Bhau Daji lad Museum. Students will learn about the evolution of lighting from coal, gas, kerosene and electricity to LED, and now solar energy.
WHEN: March 24, 11 AM to 12 PM

A Grammy-winning show

As part of Mumbai Kaustubh, an initiative by the Ministry of Culture, Ricky Kej will be performing an outdoor set. Kej, a music composer, is a three-time Grammy-award winner. Registration is mandatory.
WHEN: March 19, 7 PM onwards
WHERE: Gateway of India

Meet a person with a skill you can use

Vinay Gupta, 31 Founder and owner of Adventure Geek
AVAILABLE FOR: Stargazing at Saphale, Palghar
PRICE: Rs 1,550 for children and Rs 1,850 for adults
CALL: 9004675388

With World Meteorological Day approaching on March 23, those interested in the stars might want to head to Saphale in Palghar for a night-long stargazing camp. The event is organised by Vinay Gupta, the owner of Adventure Geeks, which also holds treks and camps for people across age groups. Adventure Geeks is the culmination of a shared passion for outdoor events, which soon turned into a community of 5,000 people. "The best time for stargazing is after the monsoon, as the sky is clear and the stars and constellations are clearly visible at night. We set up a campsite in Saphale and use telescopes to soak in the sights of the night sky," Gupta says.

Recommended by: Palak Agrawal, Mumbai resident: "I went for one of Adventure Geek*s recent stargazing events along with a few friends. We saw a lot of stars, galaxies and were acquainted with a few planets. Plus, there was a bonfire and food!"

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