For you with Law: These lawyers on Instagram will make understanding law easier for you

25 September,2022 08:53 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Raichel Martin

The process of breaking down legal jargon into simple terms can be daunting. These law influencers will help you bring the situation in order


With all the twists and turns legal matters take, understanding laws and breaking them down in layman*s language can be overwhelming. But not for these five influencers who have been simplifying the mind-bending nature of law and its loopholes, on social media.


‘How did I not know this?* is going to be your reaction when you read Rupali*s content. AI features you*d have barely heard of [such as WhatsApp*s ‘Bol Behen*], scams you*ve never known of, tax provisions that will save you more than a few pennies - it*s all here.
Instagram @lawgicalconnect

Harshita Agarwal

Harshita Agarwal selects a random term from the law jargon platter (think res judicata or decree) daily, and tells you all about what it means, what it applies to and its genesis. A fourth-year undergraduate law student from Jindal Global Law School, she*s also an entrepreneur and runs a website known as Trace Your Case, which offers legal case briefs for law students.
Instagram @traceyour case

Tanya Appachu

Be it a concern as simple as how long your birthday discount code is valid at H&M, or something as complicated as divorce and alimony laws, Tanya Appachu has it all covered. An alumnus of Indian Law Society (ILS) Pune with a special focus on women*s rights, Appachu*s feed has a post on almost everything a woman needs to know about her rights. She also breaks down important global and national events, and explains how these affect us.
Instagram @yourinstalawyer

Priya Tiwari

If your interest is the legal breakdown of a unique, odd or complicated case, Advocate Priya Tiwari might be of help to you. How to file a divorce if your marriage is not registered? Can s*xting get you arrested? Can you get your partner arrested because s/he cheated on you? Just a few scrolls up and down her feed will give you the answers.
Instagram @ap.laws

Hiral Nagori

Currently pursuing a Master*s degree in law from Queen Mary University of London, Hiral Nagori strives every day to stay true to her goal: "To make you one per cent smarter daily by posting about basic laws." She focuses on what*s happening currently, and so if you wish to know about a recent judgment, you just have to scroll down her feed.
Instagram @hiral_nagori

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