Six handy fashion hacks that every woman needs to know

29 January,2023 09:51 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Team SMD

Everything you need to stay put together—literally

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Behind any impeccable visage are little elves holding everything together - clips, sprays, buttons, clasps and straps. Looking good is team work, and we*ve rounded up the troops that will hold everything together while you focus on wowing the crowds.

Tape it down

Boob tape comes to the rescue when you have dresses that make wearing a bra difficult. You can bind them together for a strapless dress or pull up and down as per cleavage requirement, making not only wearing one-shoulder tops easier but also holding down opinionated nipples if you are going bra-less. We like the ones from Butt Chique because they come in three shades of brown. The grid at the back of the tape helps you cut even patches, and they also have pasties.
Price : Rs 1,299

Cut closer

A styptic pencil or one made of alum, is a good first-aid tool to keep around. Run it over small cuts left behind by shaving, pricks from safety pins and love marks from your cat. It constricts blood vessels, and halts the bleeding quickly. This one is a best option if you tend to get yourself nicked due to shaving. You can get an imported version on Amazon, and an desi outtake on Etsy.
Price : Rs 657 onwards

Heal heels

Those new heels elevate your outfit, but the back of your ankles pay the price. Try these little stick-on cushions that you can attach to the shoes, and you are going to dance the night away. The shoe bite pads stay there permanently and come in packs of 12 and 24.
Price : Rs 360

Chad buds

Here*s some period underwear that will put a stop to all those leaking issues. Wear it on its own, or as a safety net to the cup or tampon. It reduces environmental waste, and keeps you comfy through the night and day. All you have to do it run cold water through it, and put it in
the wash.
Price : Rs 997

No sweat

Many companies are making these unisex saviours, and can be found on Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart. The underarm pad soaks up sweat and shields your clothes (and your sensitivity) from dark stains - definitely something to keep in the vanity pouch for wedding season to save the silks and saree blouses.
Price : Rs 360 onwards (pack of 14)
TO BUY: Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart

Two-faced pal

Fashion tape keeps your clothes on your skin, without leaving behind a rash or something equally icky. We*d call this one a must-have, even for everyday wear. Keeps your shirt in place, closes that gap between two buttons on a shirt, keeps the neckline where it is supposed to be while you bend and jiggle all you like. It comes in a roll like cello tape, and is invisible to the eye.
Price : Rs 664

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