Wrap up Christmas presents with these eco-friendly materials

10 December,2023 05:58 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Christalle Fernandes

‘Tis the season to send out gifts to all and sundry. In the interests of creativity and sustainability, we’ve put together a list of innovative materials you can use

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December has dawned and the frenzy of shopping for friends and family is beginning to set in. It can be a bit tedious to barrel through bales of gift wrap, all the same shiny gold or silver or red-green combos. Here are five items you can upcycle as wrapping instead.

Tin foil
We know you're saving your tin foil for chicken pie or pork roast, but save some for gift-wrap: it's budget-friendly, and you won't need to go through the hassle of stocking up on wrapping paper. To offset the flimsiness of the foil, try coating the inner side with a thin layer of glue before you wrap your presents, or alternatively, crush it slightly.

This one's an oldie, but never fails to look stylish. To stop the paper from tearing, use two or more sheets together while wrapping. Since most newsprint's black and white - unless you're using glossy editions - you can use shiny ribbons to add a splash of colour. Here's a twist: If you're feeling fancy, use bits and pieces of magazine cut-outs.

Bundle it up
The old scarves and sarees lying at the back of your wardrobe, amongst moth balls, would be better off used as chic gift wrap. Cut along the borders and wrap it in such a way that the decorative motifs show up on top. Cut circles out of the other sarees and paste them over the packaging for a funky combo. If you absolutely can't spare any of your sarees, or can't part with your scarves either, use cloth from old skirts. You'd actually be performing a Korean tradition of wrapping gifts in silk cloth.

Brown paper
If you thought the paper bags that your local vendor packs your veggies in was just for groceries, think again. Brown packages have great aesthetic value, and can be tied with twine or string to become a few of our favourite things! If you want to go the extra mile, doodle on the paper before wrapping your presents. You can also cover the prezzie with holiday-themed stickers like candy canes and mini-Santas.

Got too many totes piling up and want to repurpose them? Try turning them into gift wraps! If you cut along the side and bottom, and snip off the handles, you'll have a sustainable wrap at hand. Don't throw away the handles - if they're long enough, they can be used as ribbon!

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