12 years after owner's death, missing auto keeps running on 'fake' permit

Mar 04, 2014, 05:35 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

While trying to get the permit of her deceased son’s auto transferred to her name, Yenubai Maide (55) learnt that someone has been driving around the three-wheeler — missing since 2002 —, renewing its permit by forging signatures

Yenubai Maide (55) lost her son, Kailas — an auto rickshaw driver — in 2002. When a short time ago, she attempted to transfer the vehicle’s permit (MH 12 RA 6748) to her name, she learnt a startling fact. Representatives of regional transport office (RTO) told her that the authorisation for the three-wheeler — that has been missing for the past 12 years — has been repeatedly renewed through forged signatures, most recently till May 2014.

Paper chase: Yenubai Maide shows documents pertaining to the auto permit. Pic/Mohan Patil

“I have my son’s death certificate. He was living in Khadkwasla with his wife and two kids, and after his expiration I brought his family to our house in Yerawada. But, we do not have any clue where the auto rickshaw has gone, and we only know that Kailas gave the vehicle to someone he knew. I have registered a complaint at Yerawada police station about the case,” Yenubai told mid-day.

“With thae help of my younger son Balu, I have been trying to transfer the auto permit to my name for the last four years. After repeated trips to Pune RTO, some time ago we came to know that the permit has been periodically extended since 2002, till May 2014,” she added.

Over the last couple of weeks, has been coming to Pune RTO daily, asking for help and meeting various officials in numerous departments. She carries a mound of documents with her — death certificate of her son, copy of, a copy of the recent permit renewal with ‘signatures of her son’ after his death, etc.

“My only demand is that police or RTO should find our auto rickshaw and Pune RTO transfer the auto permit which is on the name of my dead son Kailas Maide on my name or at least on any of the family members.”

>> Kailas Maide, the owner of the auto rickshaw, died in 2002
>> The vehicle disappeared around that time
>> Relatives believe Kailas gave the auto to one of his friends

It's complicated: RTO

Talking about the issue, deputy regional transport officer Anil Valiv told mid-day, “The case is very complicated and we have given orders to our permit renewal department to find out the exact chronological details of that vehicle. Also we are searching all other possible angles about this case and we cannot only go through the information and proofs given by Yenubai Maide. Our flying squads have given orders to find out the auto and once the person who is running that auto comes in front things will be cleared.”

Wife speaks
Kailas’s wife Sarika Maide said, “We were living in Khadakwasla, and while my husband was ill, he was in continuous talks with some of his friends, who were also auto rickshaw drivers. Before his death, the three-wheeler was taken away by someone, and Kailas didn’t tell me anything about this. Since then, we are unaware about what happened to our auto. Now, I too work to support my family financially. I want my kids by get the best possible education.”

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