2 cops chase serial chain snatcher on foot

Jul 22, 2013, 01:22 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The thief Aasif Yunus Shaikh abandoned the stolen bike he was riding in a traffic jam and tried to outrun the cops; he was nabbed after another 100-foot chase on a heavily crowded road

Two constables with the Antop Hill police station chased a chain snatcher for about a kilometre after a theft and arrested him yesterday. The cops were alerted that a bike-borne thief had snatched a chain in Matunga and was headed in their direction. They began giving chase on their bike.

in the net: Constables Kashinath Godhode and Kashinath Barge attached to Antop Hill police station chased chain snatcher Aasif Yunus Shaikh

When the thief realised that there was a traffic jam ahead, he hurriedly abandoned the bike and made a run for it. The cops then gave chase on foot and soon nabbed him. The thief Aasif Yunus Shaikh has four cases of chain snatching registered against him.

At around 9.30 am yesterday Shaikh snatched victim Samita Matale’s 5-gm gold chain and mangalsutra on an isolated street in Matunga. Senior police inspector Narendra Vichare said, “The woman started screaming for help and some locals on hearing her dialled 100. They told the cops at the control room that the accused had fled towards RAK Marg area and informed that he was wearing a green shirt and was riding a Honda Unicorn bike.”

Nearby police stations were informed and asked to cordon off the streets. Constable Kashinath Shivaji Godhode said, “We were standing at Sion-Koliwada when we saw a person on a bike coming from the wrong side. He matched the description so we started pursuing him on our own bikes. As there was a traffic jam, the thief abandoned the bike and fled on foot. So, my colleague Kashinath Shivaji Barge and I also left our bikes and ran behind him for about another 100 feet before nabbing him.”

Shaikh was then taken to the office of the deputy commissioner of police Dattatray Karale, where he confessed to three chain snatchings and said that the bike was also stolen the same morning from Matunga.

Shaikh, who hails from Wadala, bought some charas after stealing the bike and then proceeded to carry out the chain snatching, said a police official.  

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