4 men steal 3 SUVs in five minutes

Aug 29, 2013, 02:45 IST | Shailesh Bhatia

The unidentified men fled with the cars worth over Rs 25 lakh after dumping the kidnapped car cleaner a few kilometres from the showroom

Three luxury SUVs costing over Rs 25 lakh were stolen in the early hours of August 24 within 5 minutes. The incident occurred in Andheri (East) when four men in their mid-20s accosted and kidnapped a car cleaner outside a car rental company and then decamped with the stolen cars. After their quick heist, the men then dumped the cleaner on the highway.

4.54 am
As per his daily routine, 22-year-old Rajkumar is cleaning a fleet of cars at Chris Cars -- an auto rental company -- located behind Regency hotel in Andheri (East). Four men in a white Honda approach Rajkumar and insist that he clean their car too.

Illustration/Amit bandre

4.55 am
Rajkumar refuses to do so, following which the four men rough him up and haul him into the car. They pull out four sets of keys from his pocket.

4.56 am
The four men use the keys to then unlock the respective cars. Three cars have automatic locking systems and through the beep of the cars, the thieves identify three Innovas. However, they are unable to find the car for the fourth key, which was a Swift Dzire, parked a few feet away.

4.59 am
After identifying the three cars, the men -- who spoke in Gujarati, Hindi and a south Indian language — brazenly drive off with the cars and the Honda city along with Rajkumar. After driving a few kilometres away from the scene of the robbery, they stop near the Bisleri Factory on the Western Express Highway and let Rajkumar out of the car. Once he is released, they drive off. 

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