4-year-old kick out of restaurant for 'violating dress code'

Jul 06, 2014, 06:36 IST | Agencies

A four-year-old boy was asked to leave a restaurant as his sleeveless T-shirt violated the dress code

GEORGIA: In a rare incident, a four-year-old boy was shown the door of a restaurant because his sleeveless Ninja Turtles t-shirt violated the “gentlemen’s dress code”.

The restaurant has now apologised and said that the waitress misunderstood their policy. pic for
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Lewis Roberts and his family went for a meal to The Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia, when the staff asked them to leave because the boy’s T-shirt did not have sleeves.

Shocked, the family argued that rules of clothing should only apply to adults but the waitress insisted that they leave.
Lewis’s aunt said, “Had we the slightest clue about the embarrassment we were going to face, we would have chosen another restaurant.”

After refusing to comment initially, the restaurant has now apologised, and says that their rules don’t apply to children.
Spokesperson for The Tavern, Amber Stewart, said, “It was a mistake on our part. The waitress is a manager in trainings and misunderstood our policy.”

The family, who plan on returning to the restaurant in the near future, accepted the apology.

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