4th Jagran Film Festival: They came, they saw, they liked...

Sep 30, 2013, 08:53 IST | Shakti Shetty

Celebrities who turned up in huge numbers had a lot to say about the city's most exciting film festival

Akshay Kumar
"It's a pleasure to be here today. A total of 99 films will be screened in four days during this festival. It's really great. I have attended many film festivals but a lot of international films will also be shown in this festival. I hope this festival continues forever and forever.”
- Akshay Kumar, Actor

Nimrat Kaur
“I’m just happy to be part of the Jagran Film Festival…”
- Nimrat Kaur, Actress

Ram Gopal Bajaj
“It’s a good thing to see film festivals coming up in the country. Small or big, such events help the younger generation get a view of the cinema that belongs to the older generation. I like to see the jagruti (awakening) happening with the Jagran Film Festival.”
- Ram Gopal Bajaj, theatre personality and former director of NSD

Vineet Kumar Singh
“Jagran was the first newspaper I ever read and since I’m from the Hindi-speaking belt, I can tell you how big this name is up in the north. Speaking of this festival, all I want to see is more number of films from north India because I see often very few films travel down south.”
- Vineet Kumar Singh, Actor

Homi Wadia
“The magic of cinema has to be widespread and film festivals like these made it a realistic dream. What I like most about a film fest is its power to influence the youth towards the various aspects of filmmaking.”
- Homi Wadia, Actor

Dr Bijukumar Damodaran
"It's only because of film festivals that a different kind of cinema is possible...and can be shown to a diverse audience. I think an event like JFF should continue as long as possible."
- Dr Bijukumar Damodaran, Director

Subhash Kapoor
“Film festivals should be encouraged in whatever form possible.”
- Subhash Kapoor, Director

Irrfan Khan
“When we make films for the international crowd, we are actually aiming for the NRIs. Rarely do we come up with films that appeal to an international audience. It’s only thanks to film festivals that we come across such kind of films. I genuinely believe in the power of such events. Keep up the good work, Jagran!”
- Irrfan Khan, Actor

Tanuja Chaturvedi
“Thanks to film festivals like Jagran’s, there is a scope for smaller films like mine to reach a wider audience. Film festivals are a silent but essential part of the ecosystem called cinema.”
- Tanuja Chaturvedi, Producer

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