5 facts about dance form Lindy Hop

Apr 02, 2016, 10:46 IST | The Guide Team

Chaitanya Senapathi has been dancing the Lindy Hop in the US for over six years and is now holding workshops in Mumbai. He lists out 5 cool facts about the form

Lindy Hop is essentially a social dance that is almost never choreographed, and is improvised to the music.

Lindy Hop originated from Harlem New York in the 1930s and is danced to popular music of that time like Swing and Jazz. The music of Lindy Hop is fast paced, upbeat and joyful

It is a partnered dance form, traditionally danced by one man and one woman. The man leads steps and the woman interprets the signals and follows. The Lindy Hop community of today doesn’t strictly follow traditional gender roles; a woman may lead a man, or two men or two women maybe dancing together.

While teaching Lindy Hop, typically, we don’t have fixed partners. We always rotate them, in a social setting after dancing for one song generally people find new partners to dance.

If one has never danced before, don’t worry – if you can walk, then you can totally do the Lindy Hop.

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