701 pets in Catalonia named after Lionel Messi

Jun 01, 2014, 08:41 IST | Agencies

The veterinary association has revealed that 701 pets have been named after the Barcelona striker this year alone; only 10 pets named after Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo

London: It has been reportedly revealed that residents of Catalonia have been naming their cats and dogs after Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, with the total number going to 701 pets being named ‘Messi’ in the region.

While 701 pets in Barcelona were named ‘Messi’, the analysis  revealed that 102 pets were named ‘Napoleon’ and 48 named ‘Obama’ in 2014

Catalonia’s veterinary association reportedly gave the figures after browsing through archives of over a million pet names, and revealed that 701 cats and dogs in the region were named ‘Messi’, while only 10 pets were named after Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Other notable pet names to stand out in the analysis were Barcelona singer Shakira, who is in a relationship with Gerard Pique, while the most popular famous name of all was Leitizia, after the wife of Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe.

Moreover, the analysis also revealed that 102 pets were named ‘Napoleon’ and 48 were named ‘Obama’, after the US President Barack Obama.

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