78 auto rickshaws auctioned at Andheri RTO

Feb 08, 2015, 04:21 IST | Shashank Rao

The mangled remains of these three wheelers were lying on the premises for more than a decade

On saturday, the Andheri Regional Transport Office (RTO) auctioned 78 auto rickshaws that were lying on its premises for more than a decade. These three-wheelers were more than 25 years old and were sold to scrap dealers for Rs 1.76 lakh. The RTO now intends to use the space to create a driving test track. It will help them conduct a driving test for citizens who apply for a license.

Mangled remains of three wheelers lying in the open
Mangled remains of three wheelers lying in the open

The auction began at around 12 noon yesterday when scrap dealers went up to see the mangled remains of these auto rickshaws. “Over 50 scrap dealers came for the auction that started at 1 pm at the RTO’s conference hall,” said A Bhalerao, head of the Andheri RTO. These vehicles were divided in eight lots.

Each lot comprised 10 vehicles. RTO authorities made an announcement about the lots and quoted the rates for these vehicles. On two occasions, many scrap dealers threatened to leave the hall as they felt the prices were too high. As per the process, the bidder was asked to pay Rs 10,000 as deposit and a VAT of 12.5 per cent for each vehicle.

“In the next round we will sell off the buses and other four wheelers too as scrap,” said a RTO official on condition of anonymity.

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