8 things that can help you become smarter revealed

Jun 26, 2013, 12:04 IST | ANI

US poet Wallace Stevens had said that by looking at an ordinary blackbird from many different perspectives, makes us think about it in new ways

Author Annie Murphy Paul has written in the Huffington Post that the science of learning is a relatively new discipline that is an agglomeration of cognitive science, psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.

This disciple’s mission is to apply the methods of science to human endeavors - teaching and learning - that for centuries have been treated mostly as an art.

She wrote 8 things that could help a person become smarter.

Firstly, she wrote that all intelligence is situational, as it is in large part a product of the situations that people find themselves in.

Secondly, a belief oriented around fixed limits stifles intelligence, while a belief in the continuous capacity to grow stimulates intelligence.

Thirdly, an expert’s knowledge is well organized, around a core of central principles; it is flexible and transferable to new situations and is self-aware. This quality takes a long time to develop but it’s never too study about a subject area that interests you, as in turn will boost their intellectual capacity.

Fourthly, focused attention is an important internal situation that a person must cultivate in order to fully express their intelligence.

Fifthly, people should take specific, concrete actions when their original plans don’t work out as expected.

Sixthly, for tech to make people smarter, they need to know when to put it away.

Seventhly, all the things that make heart work better - good nutrition, adequate sleep, regular exercise, moderate stress – also make brain work better.

Lastly, a feeling of belonging is very important to the full expression of people’s inventors of circumstances that evoke intelligence in themselves and others.

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