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Jul 01, 2013, 00:04 IST | Ruchika Kher

Adding another segment to its existing menu, California Pizza Kitchen has launched a new line of gourmet products called Deli by CPK, which offers a robust range of products under diverse categories

Lining itself in the league of delis that operate within a stone’s throw from its location, California Pizza Kitchen’s new sub-brand, Deli by CPK brings forth an assortment of indigenous products from desserts, sauces, butters, cheese to cold cuts and breads -- which we were told are baked in a wood-fired hearth oven.

Herb Garlic Cream Cheese and Imported Salami Milano
Herb Garlic Cream Cheese and Imported Salami Milano pampered our taste buds. Pics/ Datta Kumbhar

One June afternoon, when we dropped by to satiate our taste buds imagining it to be faced with a less-than-generous spread, it turned out to be quite the reverse. We had to eat our words, literally, as we stated at the elaborate line-up of products on display. Initially, we were flummoxed, and found it tough to zero in on our picks from the diverse spread. Gauging this confusion, the chef, stepped in and elucidated all that we needed to know.

Oaks Brownie with Cream
Thousand Oaks Brownie with Cream earned our brownie points 

After having made up our mind, we opted for the Imported Salami Milano (Rs 250 for 50 gms), Herb Garlic Cream Cheese (Rs 350 for 100 gms), Basil Pesto bread (Rs 120), Blueberry Bavarian (Rs 155) and Thousand Oaks Brownie with Cream (Rs 185) and headed to work for a fun Friday lunch at the office.

Our first target was the Imported Salami Milano; this finely sliced pork cold cut was delicious; we loved the sweet-salty aftertaste. Satisfied with our first grab, we turned towards the bread and the cheese.

This crusty creation, with its recipe origins in Italy, ensured that our office picnic lunch had a warm, delish touch. While the flavours of the basil leaf and olive oil could be savoured, our weakness for cheese meant we were craving for more of a cheesy (usually Parmesan and mozzarella) indulgence when we the broke bread. We got our cheese fix finally: a riot of Mediterranean flavours erupted when we laced this well done bread with the herb-flavoured cheese, which is a terrific pick to add zest to any sandwich.

To round things off on a sweet note, we dug into the brownie and the Blueberry Bavarian. The brownie got a joint thumbs-up from the team; its rich, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate was bolstered with a walnut flavour. However, the Bavarian counterpart didn’t go down well. The icing was way too plastic-ey for our spoons to dig into and the the dessert seemed to have overdosed on gelatin. These blimps apart, we’re sure this deli will engage with its interesting spread that has something for every kind of gourmand.

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