A mouthfull of food-gasm

Mar 28, 2013, 23:27 IST | Kanika Sharma

Bandra's brand new addition brings good tidings for hoggers of burgers, franks and sandwiches with thick slushy shakes

So Jules says, “I can’t usually get ‘em myself because my girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian. But I do love the taste of a good burger. Mm-mm-mm.” This catchy Pulp Fiction-burger quote of Samuel L Jackson greets the eye the moment you hop onto one of the comfy stools in this new joint. Between Breads is one of those cosily tucked places in Bandra where you could imagine the characters of Jackson and John Travolta casually saunter in.

The Double Beef Cheese Burger was a meal and a snack of goodies.  Pic/ Abhinav Kocharekar 

Grey grungy walls, gigantic faux leather burgers protruding from both sides, reverberating Rock music and casually tossed Archie’s comics — almost the childhood we wanted and never had. As we walked in on a late weekend afternoon, the cool colourful glaze of the place soon settled on to us. Glancing over at the displayed menu, we realised that poor Jules and his girlfriend would be left starved of options being “vegetarians"”. Thankfully, for carnivores like us, the variety in chicken, meat and beef was oodles.

Quite the burger junkies, we decided to attack a Double Beef Cheese Burger (Rs 289) that contained a double beef patty with double cheese, grilled onions, sliced tomato and barbeque sauce. All squeezed in warm, baked buns. The ring of the last definitely got us greedy. Stuck between a meal and a snack, the goodies were delivered in cane baskets inviting us to get dirty.

The patty melted right in our mouths complemented by the razzmatazz including the oh-so-perfect French Fries. Fighting over the last bites of this clear winner, we decided to go for The Grilled Sandwich, which was a tad overpriced (Rs 199), but still contained a mouthful of chicken chunks tossed in buffalo wings’ sauce, jack cheese, roasted pepper with the usual fare of onions and tomatoes. We wished the delish item could be more about the chicken, the Buffalo wings’ sauce byremoving the clustered veggie affair. The potato wafers were a tad soggy maybe due to the steaming dishes it was delivered with.

Coming to Lord of the Rings (Rs 129), the climax of our story was a pork hot dog with grilled onions and barbeque mustard sauce. The piggy was a delight and the chips told the sandwich story.

The Oreo Milkshake, steeply priced (Rs 199), was just the right drink for the day that made us gurgle in our glasses. By the time we got to our meat sweats, the limited space was getting packed. Few glances over our shoulders and we saw the Ten Ounce Bacon Cheeseburgers smugly sitting on quite a few tables. Buffalo Chicken Wings, Bacon Strips, Bacon Fries, French Fries BB Style, alluringly looked at us. But with protruding bellies, we decided to attack these babies another day.

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