A rich organic tradition

Jul 04, 2013, 05:19 IST | Devika Desai

It's time to wrap your selves in nature with the recent launch of a new apparel line that is fashionable, traditional and organic too

Could we ever have our cake and eat it too? Most people would shake their heads. Disbelieve as you may but Goodearth’s new Sustain Summer apparel collection features fashionable clothing, made using environment-friendly methods such as natural fibres, organic dyes and biowash finishes.

A dress from the Siyahi collection

This line focusses on using ecologically sensitive fabrics with designs from the Indian craft communities. The collection will feature traditional Indian crafts of Varaq and Cheent, which will be displayed on an ensemble of handwoven textiles of Chanderi, Mul, and Khadi.

Pink ensemble in the Varaq tradition

The dying tradition
A thin silver foil that is hand-beaten for lengthy periods of time is Varaq, is incorporated into delicate leaf-like designs. Cheent is the other dying tradition, which is an Indian word for design. It includes light; and colourful pastel prints of flowers, birds and creepers on handwoven cotton; known as Chintz all over the world.

Showcased in their Fiza collection, Simran Lal, CEO of Goodearth states, “It’s to create the romance of the bygone era”. Their Siyahi collection, a carry forward from the last season, has prints that only use natural and mineral dyes made by theKhatri

community of Bhuj which draws its inspiration from Godana, the traditional art of body ink decoration. “Our working with the artisans has helped them to understand how traditional craft and skills can be translated for a modern look. This way, apart from financial benefits, their craft skills are getting more recognition”, shares Lal.

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