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Jun 29, 2015, 08:45 IST | Aditi Chordia

Sign up for the 10-day Ladakh landscape photography tour to experience new genres of photography and sharpen your skills amidst stunning locations

Have been keen to learn all about landscape photography but haven't found the right opportunity to hone your skills? DCP Expeditions offers a stimulating experience of a guided Ladakh landscape photography tour that allows amateur and skilled
professionals to experience new genres of photography and also sharpen their existing photographic skills. The 10-day expedition will begin in Srinagar on July 9 and cover Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong and few other scenic spots.


Combining landscape with other genres of photography such as birding, mammals as well as macro photography, Kane Lew, wildlife photographer and the curator of the event, assures an immersive experience for participants. However, he warns that shooting outdoors could be tricky. “Since Ladakh is at higher altitude, possessing proper gear is a must. Besides, one should wear warm clothes to avoid falling sick. Wide-angle and telephoto lens is best suited for photographing the scenic beauty of Ladakh,” he suggests.

Kane Lew
Kane Lew

The experience will include two sections: on-field photographic learning and an image-processing workshop. The workshop will begin with the basics of the photography and is open to amateurs and professionals. On-field photography will focus on different modes of shooting, exposure control under difficult light conditions, mastering metering techniques, framing and composition in the field.

The image processing workshop would assert importance to RAW files processing, colour correction methods, cropping and image resizing and composition. “Ladakh is most suited for on-field photography because of its excellent cloud conditions and different lighting. Light is extremely important while taking a picture. It's amazing to see how quickly light can change in matter of minutes. Hence, there's always a different picture of the same location. Though, I've held only one tour here before, I'm certain that it's the most magical place for photographers,” reasons Lew.

However, holding a workshop in this region isn't free from challenges. "Generally, oxygen levels drop during early mornings. We'll carry oxygen masks on every trip as a few participants had encountered breathing problems in our last expedition. Hence, we ensure that our oxygen masks are full and lasting; we also carry all the necessary gear and first aid to avoid such situations," reassures Lew.

From: OM July 9 to July 19; last date to register: June 30
Cost: Rs 59,000 per head
Call: 61818464
Log on to: www.dcpexpeditions.com

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