A silver lining for senior citizens at Epoch Elder Care

Jul 26, 2013, 11:23 IST | Ruchika Kher

Now elders needn't have to fight loneliness while their family is away. A new support organisation for the aged, Epoch Elder Care, facilitates care for the elderly with companionship, health monitoring and personal care for those with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia

Two years ago, 27-year-old Kabir Chadha had bid adieu to his job in New York and returned to India. He moved in with his maternal grandmother and encountered what most families face everyday — the need for companionship faced by elders. He decided to start Epoch Elder Care, an organisation that provides professional at-home care for India’s elderly.

The elderly can avail of a range of services offered by Epoch Elder Care

“My grandmother always loved learning new things, to explore new places, and to meet new people, but at 84, she needed someone to help her stay active. Without support, she would sit at home and watch TV. I noticed that when my mother or I encouraged her, she attended English class thrice a week, went for walks, made friends and took more initiative. It’s when the idea of Epoch Elder Care germinated,” reveals Chadha.

The organisation provides intellectual companionship, health monitoring and care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Their Elder Care Specialists (ECS) spend time with the elderly at their homes and play companion, friend and helpful resource to the elderly. ECS’ accompany the elderly on outings, read and discuss articles, play games, help them go back to their hobbies and discover new ones, assist with email, Facebook and Skype, help them blog about topics of interest and share stories.

“Through this relationship, we also provide for daily needs including entertainment and social outings, accompanying to doctor visits, assistance with placing of maids and nurses,” he informs, adding that for those who require health management, ECS also checks vitals (eg: blood pressure, blood sugar), ensures personal hygiene and medication. Depending on frequency and duration of visits, the service fee ranges between R12,000 and R18,000 per month. An internal reporting system sends email updates to clients after every session.

Log on to www.epochelder care.com Email info@epocheldercare.com CALL 9167356193

Services offered
>>Cognitive stimulation: Specialists at ECS manage memory loss by creating visual cues and calendars and structuring the day. They use games and activities based on signs, symptoms and the stage and also create a Dementia-friendly environment.

>>Respite care: Even when family members are away, ECS cares for the elderly at home.

>>Attendant training: Their specialists help set an example for other attendants, guide and ensure that quality care is offered.

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