A trek back in time

May 03, 2013, 01:48 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Get set for an adventurous time as The Guide gives you pointers on where to trek close to the city

One of the joys of living in Pune is the close proximity of places such as the Sahyadris where you can go trekking. The Western Ghats or Sahyadris are a range of mountains in Western Maharashtra and a popular option among trekkers. Going on a trek can not only help you break away from the monotony of the urban jungle but also help you connect with nature and de-stress.

Himalayan trek to Har Ki Dun organised by Trekdi

Some of the groups that go trekking regularly in the Sahyadri mountains are Nisarg Mitra. Formed in 1986, the group’s name translates to friends of the environment. “The trek from Borgiri to Karjat is the most difficult while the easiest is Sinhagad,” says Dhananjay Madan, one of the founders of the group. Their upcoming trek is to Rajmachi on May 24 to 25.

Rajgad fort

Abhisheek Narvekar, who is one of the founders of Trekdi Group, said, “We conduct treks in the Himalayas and to the Sahyadris. Both the treks start from June; the Himalayas trek will go on till January while the Sahyadri trek goes on throughout the year.”

Trekking in the rugged outdoors

Narvekar adds that while the Sahyadris can be visited all through the year, but the temperature difference could be difficult to manage for some trekkers. That’s also why it’s necessary for people to keep in mind their health and then decide on the treks they can go for.

Trekking hotspots
>> Sinhagad Fort: Sinhagad translates into Lion’s Fort and is located 25 kilometres southwest of Pune.
>> Torna Fort: The narrow tracks on the way up from Velhe (the base village of Torna trek) leads to a beautiful landscape. After the monsoon, which is the best season to opt for the trek, the entire way is laden with wild flowers. The trek takes 3 to 4 hours with stops.
>> Rajgad: Rajgad is a fort located near Katraj. The height of Rajgad from the sea level is 4,250 feet and it offers spectacular views of the Sahyadri mountains.
>> Bhimashankar: Bhimashankar is about 275 km from Mumbai by road and is a weekend getaway.
>> Rajmachi: Rajmachi has two peaks — Shrivardhan and Manoranjan — and is an ideal destination for trekking.

Precautions while going on a trek
>> Undertake a dummy training session where you get in the habit of eating at regular intervals.
>> Drink lots of water.
>> People suffering from a serious health condition or who are under medication should consult doctors before trekking.
>> If you take pills to keep your blood pressure under control, make sure you carry your dosage along with you.
>> Your travel bag should have multiple pockets and comfortable broad shoulder straps.
>> Selecting good trekking shoes is essential.  

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