A tribute to tomorrow

Apr 21, 2013, 08:16 IST | Moeena Halim

The ICIA Art Gallery's ongoing exhibition titled Tomorrow, features contemporary and edgy pieces created by the gen next of the art world

When 32-year-old Tushar Sethi decided to showcase the works of India’s third generation of artists, he had just one criterion in mind. “Each of the artists had to posses a signature style,” says Sethi.

“You can spend five years at a art school and learn all about painting. But not everyone is able to create their own creative style—something that tells the connoisseur it’s your painting without looking at the signature,” continues the curator, who has selected pieces from 35 artists for his exhibition titled Tomorrow.

The paintings and sculptures, he claims, are funky and cutting edge. While some delve into subjects plaguing the contemporary world, such as child labour and development issues, others take on lighter topics.“For instance, one of Ved Gupta’s sculptures sees a bald man, leaning against a wall and laughing, his hands clasped against his mouth. Through this piece, Gupta is commenting on the laughter club phenomenon we saw a few years ago,” says Sethi. South Indian artist TM Aziz, on the other hand, paints about people from the south leaving the country to work abroad. “One of his paintings depicts a little boy whose parents work abroad. He is upset with the toys they have sent him, wishing instead for quality time he could spend time with his parents,” explains Sethi.

According to the curator, although artists have taken to showcasing their ideas through videos and performances, these are no competition for the traditional media of painting and sculpture. “I’m not opposed to new media, but I believe that traditional artwork is more sustainable and durable. Very few traders or collectors will consider investing in new media,” concludes the curator.

Where: ICIA Art Gallery, K Dubhash Road, Kala Ghoda
When: Until April 25
Call: 22048139

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