Aamir turns down an auto endorsement deal

Jan 02, 2013, 08:40 IST | Jigar Shah

Aamir Khan rejects a luxury car endorsement, apparently to concentrate on his image of a social crusader

While there is the race of one-upmanship in Bollywood when it comes to clinching high-paying endorsement deals, Aamir Khan prefers to stay off the beaten tracks. And continuing the trend, buzz is that the star has rejected yet another deal with a luxury car company.

Aamir Khan

After starting work on his debut telly show, he first altered his existing contracts with the ad agencies and later even cancelled all his commitments. A source says, “Aamir only wants to work on ads that are socially relevant. He is rumoured to have cancelled ad deals amounting to a few crores.” Though his show is now long over, the star still does not want to do any ad.

Apparently the reason why he did not accept the ad deal was in keeping with his image of a social crusader. The source adds, “Aamir did not sign up for it as it didn’t come under the umbrella of social issues.” 

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