Aarey Hospital gets in shape

Jul 27, 2013, 01:16 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Following a MiD DAY report earlier this year, the institute has been revamped and doctors instructed to be in attendance at all times

Authorities have attempted holistic treatment instead of mere cosmetic surgery to cure the ailments troubling Aarey Hospital after MiD DAY published its diagnosis on March 30 (‘Aarey Hospital needs more than just repairs’). Refurbishing has been done and doctors have been instructed to be present in the hospital regularly so that patients don’t have complaints.


Changing colour: The Aarey Hospital building has been painted from inside and out

“Earlier, the hospital was in a dilapidated condition with no doctors and medicines available. During emergency we had to go to Bhagvati, Cooper or Siddharth hospitals due to lack of facilities here. After the situation was highlighted in the newspaper, there has definitely been an improvement. Now there are two doctors regularly present at the hospital,” said Aatish Wadkar, a tribal person from the neighbourhood.


MiD DAY had visited the hospital earlier this year and found that not only was the building in a rundown condition, the institute also lacked basic medical facilities.

The article had also stated that there were only two doctors present at the time, and none late at night. The building was exposed to possible leopard attacks, as felines frequently pass by the adjoining road. This reporter had also observed that several doors and windows were broken.

However, when MiD DAY dropped by the institute on Wednesday, repair work was complete. The building had been painted from inside and out. Also, damaged tiles have been replaced with new ones.

“Since it is an area with recurrent leopard movement, there was a need for proper grills and doors, as sensing the presence of the big cats, the dogs would often run inside the hospital and the predators occasionally followed.

Now, the situation has improved,” added a staff member, on condition of anonymity At the time of the stopover –, which was during lunch hour – we found a person behind the enquiry counter, apart from two nurses and two helpers. What was still missing was an ambulance.  

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