Abhay Deol spreads his wings

Aug 20, 2012, 08:45 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Actor looking to release his first co-produced short film in India

Abhay Deol is keen to screen his first short film co-production in India. The film titled Love, Lots Of It is a folk tale-kind of story and the actor is said to be excited with the kind of response coming from those who have already watched the film. The actor says, “I am trying to find ways to release the film here. The film revolves around a man who has to swap his soul with the Devil.”

Abhay Deol

While on his long holiday in New York last year, Abhay met up with independent filmmaker Rob Feld and producer Josh Green. They narrated the story to him and the three decided to work on the project. Abhay says, “Rob has written many films and they took all the creative decisions.” Abhay chose to stay away from featuring before the cameras for the film. The actor however adds that he could, in the future, don the director’s hat for a feature film. “But right now, there are no such plans,” he states.

Love Lots Of It

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