Abu Salem can't marry, says CBI

Aug 02, 2015, 14:35 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

25-year-old Mumbra resident's plea to marry the gangster denied by special CBI Public Prosecutor

On Saturday, the Special CBI Public Prosecutor filed his reply to an application moved by a 25-year-old resident of Mumbra who wishes to marry gangster Abu Salem. In June, she had moved the TADA court, where Salem's case is being heard, requesting permission to marry him.

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A file pic of Abu Salem being taken to court
A file pic of Abu Salem being taken to court 

The three-page CBI reply rejected the plea on two grounds. It believed that it's possible that the woman filed the application under a threat from Salem. It also felt that bringing Salem, who is currently locked up at Taloja jail, to a public office, which would be needed if he were to get married officially and sign court documents, would expose him to attacks from rival gangsters.

Last year, there had been reports that Salem had got married to this Mumbra resident while on the train to Uttar Pradesh. Later, the police informed the court through a reply that no such marriage had taken place. The CBI reply says the 1993 blast case, where Salem is facing trial under Section of 313 of the CrPC might be delayed if such an application is entertained.

Ruined by rumours
In June, the woman moved the TADA court in Mumbai, seeking permission to formally marry Salem under the Special Marriages Act. She said that reports of her having married Salem had 'ruined her life'. Salem had called the reports "baseless" and the woman had said in her affidavit that subsequent visits to her house by the police had defamed her, ruining her career. She had said the situation had left her "ineligible for marriage" and marrying the gangster was her only way out.

Salem agrees to proposal
In a two-page reply to the court in June, Salem accepted the 'proposal' and said he "appreciated the bold stand" taken by the woman. Apologising for the situation he had inadvertently put her in, he said he would like to marry her "so that the woman can freely move around and be able to meet and answer all relatives, friends and well-wishers with her head held high in society." According to sources, CBI has asked the court to issue summons to the woman, to check her reasons for her filing such an application.

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