'Accidents happen'

May 09, 2012, 06:45 IST | Kranti Vibhute

This is how state board chairman Sarjerao Jadhav rationalised the discovery of 100 corrected Geography scripts on a motorbike, besides promising an inquiry and felicitation of the shopkeeper who found them

It was an accident, and accidents can happen to anyone and anything, including corrected HSC exam answer sheets. This is what Sarjerao Jadhav, chairman of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) had to say about the fact that a set of 100 corrected Geography papers from the board exam had been found abandoned on a motorbike in the second week of April.

What luck! The spot at Kalbadevi where Sudhir Patel found the bundle

He also announced the felicitation of Sudhir Patel, the shopkeeper who had noticed the abandoned papers and arranged for them to be handed back to the Mumbai division of the board. MiD DAY had reported on the incident in its edition yesterday (‘100 HSC board answer sheets found dumped on the road’). Jadhav has decided to call for an inquiry on the matter today.

Jadhav said, “With the help of the code on the paper, we will find out the identity of the examiner who was responsible for handing over the HSC exam papers to the moderator. It was kind of an accident, which might have happened with anyone. Still, we will find out how this happened from the examiner who was to take the papers to Matunga College.”

Ravindra Bhise, secretary to MSBSHSE, Mumbai division, said, “We have already initiated an inquiry into the matter, since it took place last month. We are going to find out who lost the papers. Also, we will felicitate Sudhir Patel, who was alert and helped the board by returning the papers.” T Shiware, principal of KPB Hinduja College, which helped Patel return the papers, said, “Students take so much pain in writing their exam papers. What if the papers hadn’t been found?” 

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