Ace in the Hole: Poker Tips from veteran player of India

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Poker is one of the fastest-growing card sports in India with a presence both online across various platforms and offline in the Casinos in Goa

This image has been used for representational purpose
This image has been used for representational purpose

Learning how to play poker is like learning to play any other sport. It involves rigorous learning, practice and reading which will develop anyone into a relatively decent poker player. It's one of the fastest-growing card sports in India with a presence both online across various platforms and offline in the Casinos in Goa. Here are 4 tips recommended by a Poker Business Head, Manish J. Adnani, Delta Corp Ltd to get introduced to the game the right way. Poker takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. The most successful players in the world have extreme patience and well-timed aggression being the key to keep winning. Don't be in a rush!

Is it your game?

Aptitude for any sport denominates whether you can excel at it or not. Poker, however, is a mental game, so does that mean that one has to be fit to play the game? Yes absolutely! Poker along with the mental skill requires a bankroll to play as it involves the wagering of real money. Hence before one takes to the game, one has to decide the purpose for interfacing with the game. Is it a social activity or a competitive sport that one wants to excel in at the highest level. Once ascertained, players must set aside a fixed purse amount referred to in Poker as a bankroll to measure progress. From here on trust, the process and the training and you could land up being a decent poker player.

Play Online for Free

To understand the game and the rules there are several online platforms that offer the playing experience with "Free Chips". This would be a good starting point to play with players across the country and understand your current skill level and understanding of the rules and gameplay. It will also help players develop reading skills which will eventually lead you to make the correct decision. Practice on play money platform will give any novice player the basic confidence to become better and eventually participate in real money games. Success in poker however eventually stems down to your dedication and how far you want to pursue the sport and what is your motivation.

Game Selection

Beginners who are introduced to the game often end up getting bitten before they can shine. It's no secret that everyone likes to win and thereby make more money. However, this is a double-edged sword especially with the game of poker. How would one like to play tennis with someone way better than you and get beaten every time? Would this be fun, motivational or competitive? I guess not players need to choose their game based on their bankrolls and skill level. Start at the lowest possible stakes and measure your play and document the same with numbers and notes. If you feel you are playing with players who have a much higher skill level, don't hesitate to shy away and come back when you are stronger. Go back to the drawing board! If you cannot spot the fish at the table in the first 30 minutes you are the fish.

Game Analysis

Just like any other sport, one must analyse progress as one is committing time to the game. This can be done by reviewing your notes and your scores and improving on your game constantly. A dedicated poker player can achieve a relatively high skill level in 6 months of rigorous practice online and offline. The result purely depends on your input and dedication. If you are not doing too well don't hesitate to walk away from the game as it does involve wagering money and one can go on. 'Tilt' if things are not going right and lose large amounts of hard-earned money. Walk away without any Ego or go back to the drawing board and work on your game. What kind of player you develop into will surely depend on your own analysis. Play tight but aggressive.

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