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Jul 16, 2015, 08:42 IST | The guide team

A bespoke menwear store and a website where you can resell pre-owned branded clothes; enough reason to shop, right?

BO Square
Those who rue the lack of bespoke menswear stores in Mumbai have a new addition to cheer for — BoSquare by Deepak Parwani and Nitin Singh. The store offers a variety of accessories such as pocket squares, cuff-links, tie clips and pins and some snazzy shoes too. And for those who prefer their jackets tailored, they also have customised offerings. If you are short on time, you can pick from their ready-to-wear section that offers everything from tailored trousers to Nehru jackets.

At BoSquare, 32, A to Z Industrial Estate, Fergusson Road, Lower Parel.
email 24915075 COST '3,000 to '45,000
Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes, but you still feel that you have nothing to wear every morning? It’s time to sell off your impulsive buys, which have hardly been used on The company uses gently-used clothes and promotes second-hand shopping. You can buy and sell your clothes on the website and make money off your previous buys. And if you don’t mind wearing pre-used clothes, you can also buy a few pieces for a great bargain. However, they have a list of brands that they accept on So, even if your street buy or department store purchase is the latest trend, it’s not meant for this site.

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