After south Mumbai, T2 faces power failure

Sep 16, 2014, 07:18 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

On Sunday evening, the power supply at Mumbai’s international airport was affected for some time; relatives of passengers claim the airport was enveloped in darkness for a couple of minutes

The city’s swanky international airport suffered a brief power failure on Sunday night. The incident occurred around 11.05 pm, while passengers were arriving and leaving from the city, when the airport was suddenly enveloped in darkness.

Incidentally, Sunday was the first day when people were leaving for the Hajj pilgrimage and many of them, not only from the city but from across the state, were taking a flight for the first time.

A family member of a passenger, B Jain, who was leaving Mumbai on Sunday night, recounted, “We were standing outside when, all of a sudden, there was complete darkness at T2.

All the lights, including the electronic board that displays information about flights, went off. While some of them came on in two minutes, it took around seven minutes for the electricity to come back. It looked as though the power was coming back in phases.”

“There was a bit of confusion at the check-in area, but thankfully the power was back partially and passengers mostly remained calm and went on with the process,” he added.

Passengers bewildered
Speaking to mid-day, a relative of a Hajj pilgrim said, “My parents were travelling for the first time, and when the lights went out, they were alarmed initially. But, when they saw passengers around them continuing to go about their business, they resumed their check-in process as well.”

This is not the first time Tata Power has faced issues with their power supply. On September 2, several parts of south and central Mumbai faced a massive power outage after a unit of the power distributor’s Trombay plant tripped. Though the terminal was not affected on that day, a brief power failure was observed the day before (September 1).

An airport official, present at the airport on September 1 said, “It was around 4 pm, when suddenly there was a power cut and all the computers shut down. Thankfully, it did not last for more than two minutes.

Fortunately, the auto mode in the computers saved all our files automatically, otherwise the ground staff, which deals with a lot of data, would have faced serious problems.”

The other side
An official spokesperson of Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd, said, “None of the systems were affected by the power cut. The terminal was not completely dark as the systems were still working. The power supply was back within two minutes.” Tata Power had not replied to the queries of this reporter till the time of going to press.

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