Al-Qaeda suspect caught near Olympic Park 5 times

Jul 09, 2012, 06:51 IST | Agencies

A terror suspect thought to be a would-be suicide bomber has been caught five times near the Olympic Park.

The visits by the alleged al-Qaeda supporter will heighten fears that the London Games starting in 19 days could be a target for extremists.

Police fear: The Olympic Park could be a terrorist target. Pic/Getty Images

It follows a series of arrests of terrorist suspects across the country. The alleged fanatic (24) is under an order imposing strict rules on when he can use computers, who he can talk to and where he can go. But the man, known as CF, breached the restrictions on five trips to Stratford, East London — site of the Olympics.

His electronic tag alerted security services that he had got close to the Olympic Stadium, velodrome and aquatics centre. The order, made under Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures, bans CF from using the London Overground rail network.

But he is said to have taken a train to Stratford from Caledonian Road station, North London. It is alleged CF tried to travel to Afghanistan for jihad training in 2008. He was prosecuted in Britain but fled to Somalia. He was acquitted in his absence and later deported back to Britain.

Security bosses fear he attended terrorist training camps in Somalia and fought with Islamic militants. A Crown Prosecution Service spokeswoman said, “CF has been charged with five offences of breaching the measures. He is in court on July 27.”

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