Alisha Abdullah - India's only woman super bike racer

Jul 08, 2013, 09:20 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

She likes to drive cars at 120 kmph (for no less than 25 laps) to earn her living and relaxes by cooking gourmet meals.

Alisha Abdullah is India's only woman super bike racer and the fastest Indian car racer. With racing in her genes (her father RA Abdullah was a famous bike racer and seven-time national champion), Alisha is someone who gives the guys a run for their money. CS catches up with this feisty young lady who is all set for a tournament to be held in Hyderabad next weekend:

Alisha Abdullah

In prep mode
We had a race at Coimbatore two weeks back. I finished seventh out of 25 guys, which was pretty decent. In racing, you cannot be training with your bike/car throughout the year. It is very expensive. What you need to ensure whether your bike/car is at par with those of the others in terms of technology and mechanism. I do a lot of physical training in the gym to improve on my stamina, core strength, lower back and neck areas. The sport is too much for a girl to handle physically, so I need to workout really hard. 

Daddy's little girl
My interest in racing started when I was eight years old. My dad was a racer too and I was fascinated by the machine, speed, action, etc. I used to love it when he put on his suit. My dad got me a small bike as well. Later on, I tried my hand at go-karting and did very well. Slowly, racing developed into a passion. Finally, when my dad gifted me a 600 cc superbike on my 18th birthday, I knew that motorsports was my vocation.

Feminine side 
Though people might think of me as this girl with a rock chic fashion sense like boots, leather jackets, denims, et all, I am not at all tomboyish off the track. I love wearing pretty dresses for evening events with jewellery as well. In fact, people get a surprise when they come to know that I am Alisha, the super biker (laughs out loud).

My inspiration
My dad has been my biggest supporter throughout. I have seen the kind of hard work and sacrifices he has made in his career. I am a huge fan of Virat Kohli. I love attitude and focus on his game. He doesn't give a damn to what people say about him. I think that's the greatest quality in a sportsman.

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