All for a song and dance

Sep 24, 2013, 14:34 IST | Punam Chavan

Witness a brilliant collaboration of music and dance as Carnatic music exponent TM Krishna and Bharatnatyam dancer Priyadarshini Govind perform in a programme titled Saayujya at NCPA this week

What happens when two maestros come together to stage a performance that showcases different art forms? Quite simply, they create magic. There is a buzz of excitement around the upcoming show at National Center of the Performing Arts (NCPA) where Carnatic singer TM Krishna will lend his voice to Priyadarshini Govind’s dance performance.

Priyadarshini Govind

But what is Saayujya about? “Saayujya means unison of two art forms. We have tried to share our music and dance ideas on stage. I have done solo performances in the past. But this time we hope to enthrall the audience with a performance where they will witness music through dance and dance through music,” says TM Krishna.

TM Krishna have created a song and dance piece

The performance will see compositions of shringar and Carnatic music renditions. Classical music and dance enthusiasts will also get to see solo performances by the two artistes. And then there’s the bonus: a special musical piece has been created by the duo where they will do a song-and-dance jugalbandi.

“Saayujya’s beauty is in the moments where dance responds to music, and vice versa. For connoisseurs, this collaboration is an opportunity to witness how a dancer responds to a piece of music and how a musician responds to dance steps. The performance is weaved with adherence to the classical form and tradition which will hopefully excite and impress the audience,” says Govind.

Organisers at NCPA are also excited about the performance. “To witness Priyadarsini Govind and TM Krishna perform together is a rare opportunity. NCPA is always keen to showcase new experiments and collaborations that take Indian performing arts to the next level. This will certainly be a treat for all music and dance aficionados,” says Swapnokalpa Dasgupta, head-programming (dance), NCPA.

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