All that glitters is not gold

Jun 06, 2013, 04:49 IST | The Guide Team

Beyond Bling is a musical on heroes that is full of adventure and laughter as it teaches children the importance of values and talent beyond gloss, of course

With the vacations drawing to a close, it’s time to go for that one last jaunt before the madness of school creeps into the schedule. Beyond Bling, a play for kids, hopes to tell children about a world that is beyond glitz, glamour and of course gadgets.

A performance still from the play, Beyond Bling

Set in today’s Mumbai, the play includes a variety of madcap characters such as the Sheen of Bling who of course is all about wanting, shopping and acquiring cool stuff.

During the play, she has to face her archrival, an author called Zorro who likes to think and has written a play called Beyond Bling. The battle between the two sets off a story that is full of adventure, intrigue, suspense and edutainment. Plus, with the golden opportunity of meeting historical personalities and beloved characters such as Beethoven, Odysseus and Rani of Jhansi, a must-watch, we say!

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