All in the family

Aug 28, 2012, 11:13 IST | Vivek Sabnis

The Guide chats up with actor-director Mahesh Manjrekar who is all set to launch his latest film Kutumb all over Maharashtra on August 31

Post his super hit film Kakasparsha, Marathi movie actor-director Mahesh Manjrekar is gearing up to make release his forthcoming Marathi movie ‘Kutumb’ (family).

The film revolves around a unique family bonding, said Manjrekar. “Just like my earlier film, this film is also based on interpersonal relationships that give out a positive message of supporting family members in bad times. Gauri Ingalwale is a new face in the film and the entire plot revolves around her.”

A still from the movie

Other actors in the movie are Veena Jamkar, Siddharth Jadhav and Jeetendra Joshi. Jamkar who plays the role of a mother in the movie pointed out that the role was not easy as she had to understand the psychology of the children in that age group.

The character of Ingalwale is shown to have won in a reality show, gets famous within a short span of time and then loses it. Jamkar pointed out that the role was not easy as she had to understand the feelings of the young generation.

The film is releasing on August 31 all over the state. Manjrekar said, “I want my film to be watched by a family audience, I don’t believe in auspicious or inauspicious days for the release. Fortunately, August 31 is suitable for me and expect to get an encouraging response.”

Claiming his films have a universal appeal, he added, “My film can be made in any other language with the original Maharashtrian flavour. The entire ethos of Marathi culture would remain same just as the original film.”  

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