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Aug 23, 2013, 07:11 IST | The Guide Team

Anifest India 2013 is back with an enticing line-up of movies, seminars and workshops that will please animation buffs across genres and age groups

The city is set to host India’s biggest animation festival, Anifest India 2013. Viewers will get to watch animation films and listen to behind-the-scenes events of popular international movies. The event line-up includes workshops by Rhythm and Hues who will explain the making of Oscar winning animation film, Life of Pi, and Lucas Films which will present the making of Pacific Rim, the winner of Ani Fest 2011.

The festival was started in 2005 by The Animation Society of India (TASI) to offer a platform to animators and students to learn more about this form of visual art. This edition will feature visitors from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Europe, Russia, Africa as well as the US.

Akshata Udiaver, spokesperson for the event, shares, “There are too many misconceptions in India about this art form. Many people still think that animation is meant only for children or that animation is just cartoons. But there are different forms and styles of animation from across the world. Animation isn’t just about software or technology; it is an art form, which involves story-telling, acting, and much more.”

She adds that this event will help people see more animation films, and meet and hear from artistes from around the world. “It will give a big boost to the Indian animation industry. This kind of exposure is critical for the growth of the industry. With time, we hope that the government recognises this and give a boost through special provisions or benefits for the industry, like it did for the IT industry.”

There are three categories of films for the competition: student films, independent professional films and commissioned films by either the government, NGOs or other organisations. The entries include 10-second advertising commercials as well as 10-minute-long films; music videos, game trailers, advertisements and short films including 2D and 3D films. While some of the films will have you laughing there are serious films as well.

Sessions and speakers
> Adam Lee on the VFX of Pacific Rim
> Damian Nenow: Director at Platige Studio, Poland on Comics/Graphic Novels:
> Anuja Thirani: Founder, Campfire, New Delhi
> Pratheek Thomas: Founder, Manta Ray, Bengaluru on Live Sketching/Sculpture:
> Dhimant Vyas: Animation film maker
> Chetan Sharma: Founder, Animagic
> Vaibhav Kumaresh: Director, Vaibhav Studios
Channel Panel (What TV channels want):
> Krishna Desai and Uttampal Singh: Turner Networks
> Anu Sikka: Nickelodeon India
> Arnab Chaudhuri: Animation film maker on The secret tonic for a healthy animation education:
> Prosenjit Ganguly: Animation film maker 

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