All is well between Prateik and Amy

Aug 20, 2012, 08:52 IST | Asira Tarannum

Sources say that Prateik and Amy Jackson's romance is going great guns despite buzz about them having parted ways

Ever since Prateik and Amy Jackson featured in a film together, the two went painting the town red with loud proclamations of their undying love for each other. However, despite being spotted several times engaging in PDA, the two categorically denied being in a relationship. However, after a while they stopped acting coy and came out in the open about their romance. Recently, there was news that the two have split, with both actors going their separate ways.

Prateik and Amy Jackson

However, we have information that apparently all is well between them and their romance is thriving. Our source says, “They have just taken some time off, as they have a lot of assignments to complete. But they are together! In fact, Amy is very possessive about Prateik.” Our source also told us that Amy’s car was also seen parked outside Prateik’s home recently. Prateik even tweeted, “Tera pyaar... tera Prateik” which reads somewhat like that tattoo the couple sports. Amy’s tattoo reads Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik, while Prateik’s ink says Mera Pyaar Meri Amy.


Another source close to the couple says, “These are all rumours of them having split. Small arguments happen in every relationship. Amy has been travelling a lot to Chennai for shoots. Prateik is also constantly on his toes. If a couple is not staying together for a while, it doesn’t mean the relationship has ended.”

Prateik tweets

August 17
Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar .. J sirrff aur sirrff.. J kisses xxx -
Pardon the grammar.. "Khushi aur shanti" hum sab ko.. xxx
Sabko Pyaar..sirf aur sirf..kushi..shanti xxx
August 16
August 9
August 4
Tera Pyaar... tera Prateik xxx

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