Amboli's latest food entrant, Chulla Chowka gives multi-cuisine a new dimension

Sep 16, 2013, 09:51 IST | Ruchika Kher

Amboli's latest food entrant, Chulla Chowka gives multi-cuisine a new dimension with a menu that includes over 200 dishes. Don't expect every dish to be available, and it'll be a happier outing

Located opposite the iconic Filmalaya Studio, Chulla Chowka in Andheri’s Amboli neighbourhood, was easy to spot. However, we didn’t know that the time saved there, would go in deciding what to eat. The place offers a 200-plus-dish menu with options across Tandoor specialties, seafood, burgers, soups, Chinese and North Indian fare, apart from other mentions. Hence, you will be more than spoilt for choice, here.

Crispy Chicken is a great option for non-vegetarians

Scouring past quirkily named dishes such as Gold Coin, Tandoori Chicken Sausage and Chicken Sholay Kebab, we zeroed in on our order. We began with Veg Spring Roll (Rs 115), Spicy Crispy Chicken (Rs 190), Watermelon Juice (Rs 70) and a Pomegranate Juice (Rs 70). However, due to the unavailability of pomegranate, we opted for the Mosambi Juice (Rs 70).

The Dal Tadka was simple-yet-delicious

Our order took almost 20 minutes to arrive and while the crispy chicken fingers left us content, the spring rolls were a big disappointment. Instead of a crispy exterior, it seemed that the veggies were stuffed in a roti and then cut into four pieces. Even the stuffing was a tad too salty for our comfort.

To avoid further delays and to save time figuring our way through the gigantic menu, we selected our mains while waiting for our starters. We stuck to Indian -- Mutton Chatpata (Rs 215), Chilly Milly Paneer (Rs 165), Dal Tadka (Rs 100), Naan (Rs 40) and Rice (Rs 85) to go with it.

Chilli Milli Paneer is for lovers of spicy food. Pics/ Ruchika Kher

While the chefs in the kitchen were busy whipping up our order, we returned to that oh-so-diverse menu only to stumble upon a section called Blossom. The options listed were Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Grapes and a ‘Shagun’. Curious, we checked with the attendant about this section only to learn that he was clueless of its existence on the menu!

By now, our mains arrived. After the unsavoury encounter with the Spring Rolls, we struck gold. The mutton dish had tender, well-cooked meat that was bathed in a rich, spicy gravy. The paneer was cooked with loads of chilli while the dal was a simple preparation -- the perfect balance to cut the spice of the other two dishes.

After our spicy soiree, we yearned for a sweet rush. Debating over which of the six mentions to choose from, we were disappointed after being informed that none of these were available. Not quite the 200-plus menu, indeed.

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