An evening to remember

Jul 25, 2012, 11:15 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Enjoy a mid-week musical double whammy that is going to take place at the Hard Rock Caf � tomorrow

Watch singer Mansi Scott performing with city-based musician Tamir Khan. Scott, who is known for her versatile singing in genres such as Pop, Rock, Folk and Hip-Hop in languages such as Hindi, English and Punjabi, will be entertaining the audience with her melodious voice and stage presence.

Aspiring musician Tamir Khan, who composes music and sings songs from various genres including Alternative Rock, Pop, Sufi and Urdu Pop will perform the opening act for the night. He has debuted in the market with his single album Talaash featuring 12 songs composed by him. Khan’s work has been lauded by Apache Indian and UK-based rapper AG Dolla. Known for his power-packed voice, Khan hopes to give a memorable performance in front of his home audience.

Singer Mansi Scott 

Talking about his performance in the city, he says, “I have been brought up in the city and have completed my education here. I had formed a band during my college days and we still perform together with me contributing to the lyrics. Talaash includes 12 of my songs and it has been getting a good response. It is a pleasure to perform in your own city as there is a huge presence of young and lively crowds.

Singer Tamir Khan will do the opening act 

The only concern is that Pune does not have many places where aspiring singers can show their talent. If that department is worked on, it would be a paradise for singers.” Khan will be performing Alternative Pop songs as the opening act and then move on to a few singles to brighten up the mood.

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