An Indian love story

May 19, 2014, 08:32 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Author Ira Trivedi talks about her latest book, India in Love - Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st century

Q. Tell us a bit about your latest title?
A. This book is about young people in India and it is very relevant in today’s scenario. It speaks to every young person, wherever. Also I have always found my country very interesting — there is always something big going on. The book combines two very important subjects and all age groups will connect to it.

India In Love Marriage And Sexuality In The 21st Century
India In Love Marriage And Sexuality In The 21st Century, Ira Trivedi, Aleph Publishers, Rs 599, available at leading bookstores in the city.

Q. What was the experience of writing this book?

A. I interviewed around 600 people for this book. It was really time consuming. I took almost three years to complete it. I met and interviewed people in 15 cities. In that way it was a difficult journey, but it has all been worth it and it reflects in the book.

Author Ira Trivedi
Author Ira Trivedi

Q. What’s your take on authors today who write books with Bollywood in mind?

A. If a movie is made from a book it is good but one must write for a book as he/she likes the subject rather than for getting a movie out of it.

Q. What are your tips for young writers?
A. One must have a lot of patience while writing a book as it may take time to write it and then get it published. It can be a lucrative career. One must choose the subject properly and of their liking before starting on the book.

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