Anna stir publicity stunt: RTI activist

Jul 25, 2012, 07:45 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Ahmednagar man says graft fighter's past agitations didn't change anything, claims latest one in Delhi will be big flop

As Anna Hazare and his team get ready for another agitation for a strong Jan Lokpal bill at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, 63-year-old RTI activist Nandakumar Mule from Hazare’s home district Ahmednagar has alleged that it is all just a publicity stunt by the anti-corruption crusader.

Criticising Hazare’s agitation that is scheduled to start today in Delhi, Mule, who is from Sangamner taluka, said previous agitations by the crusader had not eradicated the problem of corruption in the country and nothing was going to change even now.

Hazare before leaving for Delhi. Pic/Ganesh Bhosale

Mule said Hazare’s many campaigns had not even stopped price rise in essential commodities, including petrol. Claiming Hazare’s latest agitation will be a big disappoint, he said the corruption fighter had already lost credibility because of some past actions.

“Like other corruption fighters such as T N Sheshan and Murlidhar Khairnar, Hazare can’t win by using non-political means and his hunger strikes,” Mule said. “By occupying various positions in government bodies, Hazare had already lost his credibility.”

Mule said he was not making these allegations at the behest of any political party and no one was forcing him to make such comments. He also said people from Ahmednagar district had several issues with Hazare but were hesitant to come forward.

At odds: Nandakumar Mule, who is opposing Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal bill stir in Delhi

“Anna’s stress on the Jan Lokpal bill is unnecessary as he is misusing several people for the agitation in Delhi,” Mule said. “There have been many incidents in India where senior political leaders had to face an inquiry following corruption charges even without the Lokpal.”

Lt Col Suresh Patil (Retired), chief trustee, Green Thumb Environment Group, agreed with Mule. “Anna is losing his credibility and holding many activist to ransom to carry out his agitation,” Patil said”. His secret meetings with Union Law and Justice Minister Salman Khurshid have also put a question mark over his credibility and honesty.”

Patil said Hazare aide Suresh Pathare’s relative was also involved in a murum scam. Datta Awari, a senior official from Hazare’s office in Ralegansiddhi, refuted the allegations against Hazare and Pathare.

“Many people in Ahmednagar are opposing Anna’s agitation and we respect their views, but there is no truth in their charges,” he said. “Anna’s agitation will be a great success despite the opposition from a section of society.” 

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