Anna supporters switch loyalties, to back Modi for PM

May 06, 2013, 05:44 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Maintaining that they are baffled with the activist criticising every political party, several erstwhile India Against Corruption volunteers in the city yesterday organised a meet dubbed the 'Narendra Modi Army', declaring that the Gujarat CM should be a candidate for prime ministership.

It seems anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare is losing numbers in the city. And Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is the unlikely beneficiary. People here, who once enthusiastically participated in the rallies and meetings inspiring by the activist, are now openly supporting Modi as a prime ministerial candidate. City-based Anna supporters yesterday arranged a meeting, dubbed ‘Narendra Modi Army’ of all like-minded people in support of the BJP leader.

Numbers game: Anna Hazare and Narendra Modi. File Pics

Former India Against Corruption (IAC) volunteer BB Somani, who had organised the meeting, said that although Anna showed the path to fight corruption, people are now in no mood to support him due to his frequent change of views about political developments across the country.

“We still trust Anna’s ability to fight with increasing dishonesty and sleaze in the nation. But, nowadays he criticises each and every political party, and therefore we decided to support a person who can strongly, collectively take our country towards progress and development, like in Gujarat,” said Somani.

Nana Patil, who partook in each and every IAC event held in the city last year, said that in the past year Anna hasn’t taken any concrete steps to ensure progress and development of the country.

“We noticed the advancement of our neighbouring state, which compelled us to change our view about the entire political situation in the country and that’s the precise reason we are now supporting Modi as a prime ministerial candidate,” said Patil. He added that supporters yesterday discussed future plans and strategies towards backing Modi.

Meanwhile, IAC coordinator for Pune Deepak Bharadia said that people losing faith in Anna could only be a temporary phase, as the crusader had successfully awakened the nation. However, he also added that Anna and Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal going their separate ways has also disillusioned some followers, who are now searching for other politicians who can lead the country.

“The problems of the nation are very complex and people want quick solutions. Therefore, Modi is being seen as the only option for it. However, the citizens should know what commitments are coming from the Gujarat CM towards the betterment of the nation,” added Bharadia. 

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