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Anne Hathaway has gained international fame starting with the young fans that enjoyed her different versions of the movie, Princess Diaries

Anne Hathaway has gained international fame starting with the young fans that enjoyed her different versions of the movie, Princess Diaries. Growing at the same time as her adoring public, she has found more mature movie styles ranging from Brokeback Mountain to commercial super-productions like The Devil Wears Prada.

And, after shocking the world when she danced with Hugh Jackman at the 2009 Oscar ceremony, she  surprised us again the following year, when she received an Oscar nomination for the independent movie Rachel Getting Married. Traversing every boundary on her path, Hathaway has just returned to the independent movie frontier with Jim Sturgess, and the romantic story One Day, and is already working on the next Batman movie, in the sexy role of Catwoman. Just like that, in the middle of the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, we tried to navigate the pages of her own personal diary, the diary of a Hollywood Princess.

What's the biggest change you have noticed after all these years?
I'm happier. I get happier every year. I find that as I get older, I take in life more and I think that's making me a better person. I think that as I get older I'm more trusting, but I trust fewer people. The people I do trust, it has gone much deeper.

Is there something that always stays the same?
I'm a really curious person. I believe that imagination is not something you grow out of, and I love books. I find that sort of stays the same.

What do you dislike most about Hollywood movies?
A lot of movies don't mind if you feel anything at all. They don't ask you to really enter it, and it's a shame. Because, I personally think, there are few things more satisfying than crying in a dark room with strangers. I know that sounds a little funny but if you go to see One Day at four on a Wednesday, you'll know what I'm talking about (laughs).

Do you prefer to watch your movies in private or right after the red carpet of a premiere?
I like to see the film privately with a few carefully chosen friends around me and then to be able to talk about it afterwards.

Don't you like to watch your movie with journalists?
I like to be free to react in any way I want, and when you have to be professional you are not totally free all the time. So, I would probably sneak into a theatre somewhere and see my movie on the opening weekend.

Do you believe in soulmates?
Of course I do! What a drab life you would have if you didn't. I don't necessarily believe in the traditional romantic view that there is one person out there for everyone. I think that we have many soul mates. I think our souls are vast therefore we need to meet other souls that can connect to that. I think there is one soul out there that lights up your soul more than any other one.

If we only had one single soulmate, we would lose the romantic learning path?
I think that that's the saddest thing ever. And, by the way, my friends are my soulmates. My dog is my f***ing soulmate (laughs). I think the idea of having a soulmate is truthful, but to believe in just one is a mistake. We are much more complex and vast than that.

What about the next Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises and your role as Catwoman?
I can't talk about the interpretation � that's a hermetically sealed secret.

Could you talk at least about the process that you went through, in order to get the Catwoman role?
The process for getting The Dark Knight Rises... the director Christopher Nolan met with a bunch of girls to get a general idea, and then he called the sit-down about 3 months later to do the screen tests. So, literally all the double X chromosomes in Hollywood, we're sitting on pins and needles for 3 months. Then, I understand he screen tested a few of us.

I felt bad because we tested on Thursday and the Golden Globe Awards were that Sunday... I didn't mean to, but wherever I went that weekend I just kept bumping into Chris. I was like, "I swear I'm not stalking you." (Laughs) "I'm not trying to force your hand." "I'm not reading anything into anything."

But, it was really nice because all of the people I had screen tested with, Wally Pfister the cinematographer and Jordan Goldberg the producer, were nominated for Inception, so they were there that night; and they all came up to me at some point to tell me how well I did.

So that Golden Globe night, you knew that you'd be the new Catwoman?
I thought it had gone well, but you never want to get your hopes up too high. A few days later I was back in Brooklyn and my manager called me. I answered the phone and she goes, "Meooow." I was like, "Oh haha... Oh wait, really?!" And, she goes, "Yes," (laughs). And I just celebrate... I really should know that date (laughs). It was the Tuesday after the golden Golden Globes... I should just get a calendar, because my life is about to change, once again.

One Day hit theatres on September 9. 

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