Another one slips through the gaps at Marine Lines

Aug 09, 2013, 00:28 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Foot-long space between train and platform at the station yanks in 55-year-old BMC sweeper, who was rushed to GT Hospital with injuries to his head, knees and arms

Be wary of the death trap yawning wide between trains and platforms -- it will swallow you right in your stride. 

From the jaws of death: Ravindra Parmar sustained injuries to the back of his skull

On the day 66-year-old Hansmukh Goda lost his life less than a week after falling in the gap between the train and platform 1 at Marine Lines station, the same space sucked in another person, a BMC employee, sending him to the hospital with grave injuries on his head.

According to eyewitnesses, around 11.30 am on Thursday, Ravindra Parmar (55) slipped through the fissure between the platform and his train as it started from the station.

“The incident took place when he was trying to get inside the compartment. He slipped and fell through the wide gap. Despite that, the train didn’t halt at the station,” said Shivaji Barge, a GRP official attached with the Western Railway, who rushed Parmar to GT Hospital in Fort.

Following an X-ray and CT scan, he was admitted to the hospital.

Parmar, a civic sweeper, was heading to Mahalaxmi when he lost his footing. “He managed to survive because he fell and stayed between the platform and the tracks, which saved him from getting crushed under the rake. More than five coaches passed by him while he was stuck under the train,” added Barge.

Doctors said Parmar had sustained minor injuries to his knees and arms but his head injury was severe.

“We suspect that he has sustained severe head injuries. We’d be able to determine how grave the damage is after further investigations,” said a doctor at GT Hospital.

The number of people who have died by falling in the gaps between trains and platforms in the last 11 years in the city

Mind the gap
June 1: A 19-year-old girl fell at Elphinstone Road when she slipped between the gap at platform number 1. She was rushed to KEM Hospital but lost her legs.

June 4: A 24-year-old supermarket attendant got caught between the train and the platform at Rabale railway station on June 4. She succumbed to internal injuries and abrasions after being rushed to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Hospital in Vashi.

August 4: Police naik Babasaheb Bhandare fell into the gap between the train and the platform at Kasara station on Sunday night. He was rushed to hospital with grievous injuries but succumbed a few hours later 

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