Another setback for girl injured at Imagica theme park

Feb 20, 2014, 07:27 IST | Richa Pinto

Mamta Rathi, who, with her mother, was seriously injured after a ride at the theme park malfunctioned, underwent a jaw surgery; she now has to deal with another setback. Here's more...

The mother-daughter duo that was injured after a ride at Adlabs Imagica tilted to one side may have gone back to their home state, West Bengal. But, the two are still in trauma. Moreover, the girl will most probably miss her final exams, as the doctors have advised her six months of bed rest.

An injured Mamta Rathi at the Mulund hospital
An injured Mamta Rathi at the Mulund hospital

The incident occurred on February 5, when Mamta Rathi (16), her mother Purnima (34) and other family members visited the Adlabs Imagica theme park near Khopoli before returning to their hometown in West Bengal. When the duo was seated on the Bandits of Robinhood ride, the contraption malfunctioned and tilted suddenly to one side, throwing the two off their seats.

MiD DAY’s previous reports  on the incident
MiD DAY’s previous reports  on the incident

MiD DAY had reported on the incident and the subsequent hospitalisation of the two injured women in a Mulund hospital. Mamta underwent a surgery for her broken jaw. Speaking to this reporter, Mukund Rathi, Mamta’s father, said, “We went home on February 11.

My daughter underwent a jaw surgery in which a steel plate has been placed in her jaw. She has been advised six months of bed rest. Hence, she may not be able to write her Std XI final exams.”

Her father has requested the school to excuse her, and has submitted her medical certificate and newspaper reports of the accident for the application. Meanwhile, Mamta’s mother Purnima, too, will be bedridden for two months to recover from her injuries.

Doctor says
Dr Shyamlal Mukhi, the orthopaedic surgeon of Dr Mukhi’s Raj Orthopaedic Hospital, where the two had been admitted, said, “The duo was discharged on February 11. The daughter had a mandible fracture and underwent surgery.”

Rathi confirmed that the Imagica authorities had paid their medical bills and have assured them that further expenses, too, would be taken care of by them. “All I can do is pacify my wife and daughter, who are still in trauma. We will have to come back to Mumbai again six months later to get the steel plate removed,” Rathi said.

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