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Published: 09 November, 2011 10:24 IST | Priyanjali Ghose |

Actor Kashmera Shah warns that surprise will be the main ingredient in the new show Steal UR Girlfriend on Channel [v] in which she will help men woo their dream girls

Actor Kashmera Shah warns that surprise will be the main ingredient in the new show Steal UR Girlfriend on Channel [v] in which she will help men  woo their dream girls

Have you always suppressed your love for a woman just because she is with someone else? Kashmera advises you to go for the kill anyway! And if her relationship status  bothers you, then Shah is here to help.

In the forthcoming weekly show Steal UR Girlfriend, Shah will take up the responsibility of helping love sick men reach out to their beloveds.

Shah and the man will travel around in her hi-tech van called Dhanno,  to find out more about the girl and ways to woo her. In a chat with MiD DAY, Shah tells us why this can take a man closer to the woman of his dreams.

Why did you want to be a part of Steal Ur Girlfriend?
If you see my resume, you will see that I have always been a part of things that are controversial and experimental. The idea of stealing someone's girlfriend is mind boggling. I will of course find out if the guy's intentions and feelings are true. If it is, even if the girl is with someone else, the guy gets a chance to profess her love. The idea is not to live with regret. What is the harm in telling someone that you love her?

Rakhi Sawant broke up with her fiance after the reality show Rakhi's Swayambhar.
Would declaration of love through a reality show ensure a successful relationship?

When you have me on the show anything is possible. Things work out in the most surprising ways, you never know. Rakhi is not a credible person. I can tell you if you ask me something about someone like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who sticks to what she says.

What works in a relationship?
Spend quality time with each other, give space and never carry fights the next day. Ego in anything does not work.

What impresses you and what puts you off?
Honesty impresses me. Hypocrites turn me off. I hate people talking nonsense.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from past relationships?
I used to believe people easily. Now I realise that in today's age, it is alright to be careful.

Would your personal experience in relationships help you in  advising the men?
Yes. I am a normal girl at the end of the day and know what girls like. If you give me a puppy, I will be happy like most girls.

How is life professionally and personally?
Right now I am concentrating on this show. Not everybody except Amitabh  Bacchan and Sanjay Dutt have their own shows. Krishna and I are enjoying being with each other. Marriage is not yet on the cards.

Steal UR Girlfriend will be launched on November 13 at 7 pm on Channel [v]

Shah guides men all the way to a woman's heart 
Smell well
Floss your teeth
Be honest about your feeling
Don't corner the girl by demanding an immediate answer. Do not ask her about her past
Be clear about your  intention in the relationship

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