APMC needs a makeover

Jul 06, 2014, 06:02 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

The Navi Mumbai Merchant's Chamber present a foreign trade concept plan to traders

Despite being Asia’s largest regulated market for agricultural produce, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) at Vashi fails to stand apart in the international market due to its lack of basic facilities such as restrooms and eateries for workers.

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In order to transform it into an international trading hub the Navi Mumbai Merchant’s Chamber (NMMC) presented a foreign trade concept plan to the APMC traders on Saturday in Vashi. Director of APMC, Kirti Rana said, “Our main intention is to build a hygienic market of international standards.”

The chamber had invited an Ahmedabad-based international trade consulting firm called Global Network to talk about how foreign trade could be adapted as a possible solution to counter the current and future multi-faceted market challenges of agri trade such as rising costs and poor infrastructure. During the seminar the chamber highlighted a few significant features which APMC in future should have and also presented the success stories of different markets across the globe.

Sudhir Tungar, secretary of APMC said, “Considering the vast area and its significance in the agriculture sector, APMC should be converted into a world-class trading hub. The chamber has taken a good initiative in coming up with an innovative plan and we look forward to it.” Rana said they will present the plan to the state and central governments. However, in order to make it a success an FSI of 5 should be provided to the market compared to the present FSI of 1, he stressed.

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