App review: Now, learn English in Hindi

Feb 24, 2016, 09:02 IST | Hassan M Kamal

We checked out internationally popular free language learning app, DuoLingo which is now available in Hindi

It's said that nothing good comes for free. But the globally-acknowledged app, DuoLingo proves the theory wrong. Known for its unique gamification approach to language learning, DuoLingo, is now available in Hindi for those who are keen to learn the English language. What it means is that anyone with access to an Android phone and a basic knowledge of the English alphabet can master the language on their phone. You can also use the app to master 17 other international languages.


What we liked
Available for free download on the Android OS, the app acts as a self-sufficient learning tool that combines audio and visual elements to offer an immersive and challenging learning environment. You begin either as novice, or as someone with a bit of experience. But before you start, we suggest that you participate in the initial test to measure your level of experience in English. To use the app, you need to sign up, either by adding your email ID, name and a password or by using existing Google+ and Facebook login details. After you've signed in, the app will put you through a pre-designed course based on your score in the initial test. At this stage, select the amount of time you wish to spend every day on the app. After completing a course module successfully, you earn experience points, which can be traded to unlock more modules.

The app combines tools of machine learning and gamification to make learning enjoyable as well as challenging. So, while you are learning from the app, it's also learning about you and adapting to help you strengthen your weaknesses. For example, if you are well-versed with the use of prepositions, you will find more questions about its usage. Also, if you've given a wrong answer in the past, expect the question to re-appear any time in the future. You can also comment and discuss answers with other users on the app. It has a simple but well-thought-out UI. We also like that DuoLingo comes without any in-app purchases or ads, which makes it accessible to all.

What we didn't like
The app supports learning English only through the Hindi medium, and there too, the voice accent is a tad difficult to follow. There's an option to listen at a slower pace, but even then, we had difficulties following the American-English accent. Perhaps voice support in Indian-English could be more useful. Also, the app requires a working Internet plan, which could be a major setback for Indian users. We hear the company is planning to release a faster app for India.

Nevertheless, Duolingo is perhaps one of the best designed language learning tools out there, that is not only free to use, but also comes without any annoying ads, and is good for the novice as well as the experienced learner. Happy learning.

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Price: Free
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