Appreciate her breasts, the right way. Here's how

Jan 04, 2013, 13:26 IST | Team MiD DAY

Appreciating your girl's golden globes is an art most misunderstood. Here's coming to rescue, no matter her size and type

They poke proactively out of bikini tops, peek over lacy push-up bras, and flaunt their fabulousness naked in bed, turning any male into a panting pile of mush. The bosom plays a vital role in pleasing both partners. Know the right moves, though, and you'll have her melting in your arms. These tips will help you double your pleasure, no matter what her size or type.

Sex and relationships, Making a clean breast of it

Researchers have found that large breasts are about 24 percent less sensitive than small ones. So, arouse the outer sides of her breasts with your tongue; even your fingers can do wonders. Use your tongue to make flipping motions and experiment with light nibbling.

Small breasts are very sensitive, but it's an advantage as they can handle more motion. Men can use their palms to cup and gently bounce the breasts during play.

They are the last ones in queue, being the least sensitive. This is because the nerves are stretched and they are compressed by the breasts' weight. To relieve tension on the nerves and help her focus on the pleasure, have her lie on her back, which will cause her breasts to shift up and out.

Surgically enhanced
One should take care of a few points and do it carefully, to insure implants don't interfere with sensation. They will move differently. One should concentrate on the surface of the breasts. Use your tongue to make circles that gradually spiral in toward the nipples to give her the required pleasure.

New-mom breasts
Due to pregnancy, the nipples become tender, so men should focus on the breasts' undersides, which are usually neglected. Gently cup and support her breasts. This will make her feel nice after a long day of suckling.

The nipples are important, in fact, in some women, you can induce an orgasm just by doing breast duty. But the sensitivity of nipples varies widely, so one should remember to handle them with care. They're also thermometers, popping up when the weather's cold, like giant goose bumps. So don't feel too effective without having worked on them yourself.

What they never told you about the boob trap
1. Talk to her about her assets -- the soft skin, how kissable they are and everything else that feels nice about them.
2. Women prefer to begin with a caress, so start with kissing and cuddling them.
3. Sucking the breast can be great, but again, remember not to keep sucking in a constant, steady motion, keep switching your moves!
4. Just remember to keep returning to the breast -- it'll make it more interesting for her.
5. Even if you like it rough, don't gnaw off the nipple. A little teeth does the trick.
6. Don't forget to play with other parts of the body; else she'll see it as all lust.
7. If the idea turns you on, encourage her to try breast sex with you.
8. If the nipples aren't hard, then what you're doing isn't working.

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