Apps to save your kid from Web perverts

Aug 29, 2014, 08:39 IST | Soma Das

At a time when parents are worried about incidents of cyber-bullying and excess digital usage, a new app, eKavach, aims to help them stay updated and exercise greater control on children’s online activities

As children navigate the digital world, it helps them gain knowledge but it also presents challenges in the form of cyber stalking, bullying and makes them vulnerable to child predators. To help you stay updated to what your child is exposed to on the Internet, a new digital parenting app named eKavach has been launched, which will increase parental awareness about their children’s (for ages 5-18) activities online and on social media.


Noopur Raghunath, founder, Certus Technologies, who has developed eKavach, elaborates, “eKavach provides unique insights about the behaviour and activities of children when they are online and on the move, which can help parents to make better and more informed decisions for their offspring.” The app was launched a month back on Google Playstore and Apple iTunes for Android and iOS platforms. It is currently available free for a limited trial period.

How does it help?
Some of the features that it provides includes content filtering and safe search, access limits for Internet access, controls around gaming and other applications, real-time alerts for boundary breaches, statistics of children’s activities on the Internet, restricted Internet access (blocking/unblocking specific categories of websites), defined Internet usage time for each day of the week, blocking/ permitting applications and fixed permitted application usage time.

Screenshot of eKavach homepage
Screenshot of eKavach homepage

Raghunath adds that the research that went into this idea included real-life experiences of families, their challenges in dealing with technology and their specific needs: “It included personal interactions, surveys and bouncing off ideas. We also did extensive research with some of the products available globally to study the gaps in the current solutions available. Considering the popularity of smartphones and tablets in India, we adopted a mobile-first strategy to provide a solution for a majority of the smart devices working on Android and iOS platforms.”

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Available at: Apple Store and Google Play store.

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